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Why is Kevin Pietersen so Popular as a cricketer?

Why is Kevin Pietersen so Popular as a cricketer?

Kevin Pietersen is one of the most established cricketers of all time. He had a very skilled and beautiful batting style against the best of the bowlers.  Kevin Pietersen tweeted a day after Steve Waugh said that Pietersen was not a great cricket player “The fact that Steve Waugh is commenting on my situation makes me happy. I used to love people like him. He’s one of the best ever.”

Before this, Waugh said that the England team was not very good before this.”In the way he is now, I don’t think he’s an outstanding player. If everything else was the same, I don’t think he should have been in the England team. A lot of people used to think that he was a great player. That doesn’t mean he is one now.” On Monday, he told the Daily Mirror.

Pietersen is still one of England’s best batsmen for several reasons.

  • Because he has chosen not to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL), he has shown that he wants to play for England again. If you want to see how well he is at playing in Tests, look at his Test batting average and centuries, as well as his record. There have been 23 centuries in 104 Tests played by the batsman born in South Africa.
  • Pietersen may be the first English batter since World War II to break with the typical defence strategy of English batters. Alastair Cook’s style was more like that of the aggressive Alastair Cook. Boycott and Gooch were known for being persistent. In English, there has never been a player like him. In 2005, he scored 158 against Australia at the Oval, where the game was played. In almost 20 years, England won the Ashes with a counterattacking ton for the first time. As a bonus, it was Pietersen’s first Test hundred.


  • Pietersen knows how to play every cricket shot and more, to add to what he said before. He can sweep, hook, pull, cut, and slice. Only look at his 91 runs off 65 balls in 2005 one-day international at Bristol.


  • Because he is 6 ft 4 in tall, he is one of the best batsmen in the world. Some of cricket’s best players were not tall enough, like Bradman, Gavaskar, Lara, and Miandad, but they were still great. The size of Pietersen might scare bowlers.We can see the billboard and the scoreboard competing for our attention in the middle of so many other things that are important to us. The fact that many young athletes have fun before they’ve worked hard is well-known in today’s world of sports. Another group thinks that sport has become a place where people can get famous, and the game itself is just a sideshow.


  • After a good game at The Oval, Pietersen celebrated like a rock star. People thought Pietersen would come out of Starbucks with a deal to be the face of caramel macchiato when he stopped the victory bus to pee. He didn’t have that deal.


  • This is how he made it very clear that he was cricket’s first rock star in no time: A member of the MCC said, “Get your hair cut, Pietersen!” when Michael Vaughan’s team came back to the Long Room after a long day of handshakes and smiles. The heckler was saying those who thought the hero’s lurching moves were suspicious.


  • This is partly because of his careless attitude, which scared his opponents and hurt other teammates. People talk about the ex-“chip captain’s on the shoulder” all the time now. The whole time, Pietersen has been trying to prove a point to himself.


When Pietersen is at his best, we can say that he came up with two new cricket moves. There are two types of shots when you play tennis: the switch hit and the Flamingo shot. The switch hit is when you hit the ball with both hands and then switch to your other hand.

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