Top 7 strategies to boost your esports team’s online presence

If you’re part of an esports team or managing one, promoting it is crucial. This holds true for gaming forums, social media, and websites. Effective marketing will help you reach audiences, fans, and even sponsors. With the right content and strategies, you can make a significant impact.

There are many ways to promote your esports team online without spending a lot. All you need is determination and some creativity. Here are seven effective strategies to kickstart your online campaign:

Stay active on social media

Your target audience is likely in their late teens and early twenties, making a strong social media presence essential. People check their timelines daily, so being active means new people will see your content regularly.

Don’t just create a social media page for your team; post consistently. Focus on two or three platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, which are popular with your target audience. To build your reach, upload promotional posters before matches, share game highlights, post gaming tips, show behind-the-scenes content, and engage with followers by replying to comments and messages.

Create eye-catching visuals

Creating eye-catching visuals is super important for promoting your esports team. Good visuals grab attention and get people interested in your content. Mix things up with different types of visuals: use posters and banners to announce matches and events, share highlight reels of your team’s best plays, and make infographics to quickly explain complex stuff. Behind-the-scenes photos and videos can help fans feel more connected to your team, while funny memes and entertaining content can boost your visibility through shares.

For quick and professional-looking visuals, try PosterMyWall. They have a huge collection of gaming banner templates that you can easily tweak to match your team’s style. You can whip up eye-catching posters and banners by adding your team’s logo, colors, and info, helping your esports team stand out and attract more fans.

Try influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a game-changer for promoting your esports team. It’s all about getting popular gamers or influencers to talk about your team. When a well-known influencer gives you a shoutout or plays a game with your team, their followers will check you out. It’s a quick way to get your name out there and gain new fans.

Before you reach out to influencers, have a friendly and catchy message ready. Keep it simple and genuine. Hit them up on social media where they’re most active, but don’t spam them. Send a few spaced-out messages to get their attention. If they give you a nod, you’ll see a boost in your followers and engagement. It’s all about using their audience to grow your own.

Start a podcast

A podcast helps your audience get to know you and your team better. Each episode is a chance to provide valuable information and promote your team. Podcasts work well because they offer useful content rather than traditional ads.

Host a weekly podcast discussing esports news, tips for new players, and trending topics. Promote your podcast on social media and platforms where you have the most reach. Use effective promotional content and post your podcast on platforms like Buzzsprout, Captivate, and Transistor.

Write blogs

Many esports blogs have huge followings, and teaming up with these blogs can help you tap into their audience. As an esports player, you have valuable insights and experiences to share. Write interesting and informative articles and submit them to different esports blogs. When you collaborate, you can work out cross-promotion deals where they promote your content and you promote theirs. This helps you both reach new fans and grow your audience.

Starting your own blog is another great move. It’s free and allows you to create content that your fans love. Platforms like Wix and WordPress make it easy to set up and host your blog at no cost. Make sure to always include links back to your team’s channel in your articles, so readers know where to find more of your content. With your own blog, you can build a dedicated following and keep your fans updated on all your team’s activities.

Engage with your community

Building a strong community around your esports team is crucial. Engage with your fans regularly by hosting Q&A sessions, live streams, and interactive posts. Ask for their opinions on game strategies, team merchandise, or upcoming matches. 

Respond to comments, messages, and mentions to show that you care about their support. A loyal and engaged community will spread the word about your team, helping you grow organically.

Host online tournaments

Hosting online tournaments is a fantastic way to promote your esports team. Organize small-scale competitions where fans and other players can participate. This not only gives you great content to share but also brings new viewers to your channels. 

Promote these tournaments on social media and gaming forums to attract participants. Offering prizes or shoutouts to winners can make the event even more exciting. Online tournaments can boost your team’s visibility and spread the word about your brand.

Wrapping up

Promoting your esports team can be challenging but also fun and rewarding. By staying active on social media, creating eye-catching visuals, trying influencer marketing, starting a podcast, writing blogs, engaging with your community, and hosting online tournaments, you can effectively boost your team’s online presence. Remember, the key is consistency and creativity. Keep experimenting with different strategies, and you’ll see your fanbase grow in no time.

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