Why is Golf Still a very expensive game?

Golf has long been thought of as a game for the rich because of the high prices of private clubs, which can cost up to 58 lakhs INR for a lifetime membership in some cases. On the other hand, golf clubs are a lot more expensive than other types of sports gear. Many business deals happen at these clubs. Golf is only available to a tiny group of Indians. Even though India has a robust economy and a large population, only a few people have access to the sport. They also have a wide range of clothing out of most people’s price range, from stylish caps to polo shirts. It usually costs 5,000 INR to get into a new event, but that doesn’t include the cost of getting there.


What is the thought of golf in India, if there is one at all?

Indians who have a lot of money can play this game because it is safe and fun for them. They can compete against each other instead of against someone younger or more potent than them. They think it’s a low-risk game because they can walk around with the golf club while they play. In addition, they don’t have to change their plans to play this game because it’s easy for them to practice.


This is where you can see Shiv Kapur’s golfing skills.


Municipal, private, and commercial are the three most common types of golf course ownership in the United States. People who have a lot of money tend to own the most popular courses in the game, so they have a lot of power. A good example is a commercial golf course or country club. In addition, the municipal golf course is owned and run by the local government. The government does not run private golf courses like public golf courses are. They are run by a golf club, not the government. Golf was invented in Scotland, where it was first played and played in public parks and open spaces. There are no fees to play or enter these places.

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The United States government might do more to help the golf business grow in the country. Many labour and taxes (36 to 40 per cent) should be brought into the golf industry now. Everything costs a lot, from balls and clubs to sports equipment. People who work in golf have to pay more because there isn’t a retail market in its most basic form, so there are extra costs for them. Most of our products are made outside of the U.S. If this changed, people who play the game would make more money and get more jobs.


“Golf as a job”

It’s hard to get a ticket to see the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) championships held at private golf clubs. So that you can get the best pictures of the golf course, you’ll need to join a tiny group of people. Golf Channel often films lessons at private clubs and resort courses. I may not have made a business deal on the golf course, but I have made some of the best friends of my life here. Kapil Dev, captain of the 1983 Cricket World Cup-winning team, said this. For idealists who love beautiful views, this is a good sport. It’s also a spiritual experience where you spend time alone with your thoughts and emotions and think about them.


It’s long past time for us to do this. Because of Oxford Golf Resort’s programs for kids, they should be looked at as a model and copied in other parts of the country. In this way, everyone and everyone who truly wants to play the game can do so.


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