Top Apps for Remote Workers in 2022

Remote working has become the new normal in the last two years. For many businesses, the trend of remote work started off as a necessity due to the impact of Covid-19, but then it became apparent that many people feel much happier, and therefore much more productive when working from home. We discussed this phenomenon with one of the IT support companies London businesses relied on during the Covid-19 pandemic. The company, TechQuarters, stated that even they found benefits from going remote – in fact, they got rid of their offices entirely, and are a fully remote organisation.

How Technology Support Remote Workers

For TechQuarters, the thing that made their transition to remote working so successful was the fact that they already had a lot of the necessary technology and solutions in place. For instance, the cloud is a very common solution for remote businesses, as are solutions like unified communications, and certain project management systems. For remote workers, having the right technology in place is pretty essential to their work. To give readers an idea of this, we have listed some of the most common – and the most useful – applications that remote workers use to support themselves outside of the office. If you need to hire talent overseas a PEO Spain can help you

  • Microsoft SharePoint

Remote workers need to be able to interact with their colleagues and the business in general while they are isolated from them. A major challenge with this is ensuring that they have all of files and data they need, and ensuring that they can share files and data with their colleagues. This is why Microsoft SharePoint is a good solution. It is a cloud storage and file management solution that is used by many business for company-wide storage. What is good about SharePoint is that it is ideal for created shared cloud environments that colleagues, teams, and departments can use to store shared resources.

  • Microsoft Teams

The next most important thing for a remote employee to have is a proper communications solution. Luckily, remote working only eliminates one form of communication – face-to-face. Although that is a major way in which professionals communicate and collaborate with each other, they still have emails, telephony, instant messaging, and video calling to fall back on. Microsoft Teams unified all of these forms of communication into a single platform. Having all your communication channels in a single platform makes communicating much easier, and this is a good thing for remote workers.

  • Trello

Project management can help businesses who employee remote workers to keep on top of their work in the most efficient way. The purpose of a project management solution is to provide a unified space for hosting resources, organising tasks, and tracking progress. Trello is a well-known remote project management tool that works well for businesses big and small. It allows you to create boards containing tasks and workflow outlines, thus making it easy for employees and team members to understand their work, and the best way to complete a project. With Trello you can track the progress of participants, which can help boost productivity. This is a great tool for remote workers and remote managers who want to ensure that their team are delivering against targets.

  • FreshDesk

This application is used by many businesses who offer remote customer support and services. TechQuarters, in fact, use FreshDesk as part of the IT support Guildford and London businesses get from them; it enables them to manage cases efficiently, so that customers can be supported in their case efficiently, even if the issue needs to be elevated or passed over to another member of staff. Businesses that want to go remote need to make sure that they are still able to provide their customers an efficient service, and FreshDesk is one of the best remote solutions to ensure a good level of service is maintained.

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