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Supermarket 23 Cuba Best Review 2022

Supermarket 23 Cuba Best Review 2022

Supermarket23 has been operating for over three years in Cuba, bringing an array of products to every corner of the island. Unlike its competitors, it delivers its products to every municipality in the country. In addition to its impressive selection, the supermarket is promoted by the state-owned company Alcona, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture. It is headed by Guillermo Garcia Frias, better known as the “Commander Ostrich” of Cuba.

If you wish to send food to Cuba, you can use SuperMarket23’s online interface. The web interface is similar to other popular platforms, including Correos of Cuba. The website also offers a large selection of food and other items. Customers will be able to find exactly what they need in Cuba and order it without leaving their homes. It is even possible to send items to Cuba without leaving the country! This option is also free of charge.

In addition to selling products from local businesses, the website also offers foreign currency. Although there are no foreign currency exchanges in Cuba, you can use your Visa or Mastercard to make purchases. Many items can be delivered to your home later if you have the correct shipping address. If you wish to buy products that are not available in state-run stores, Supermarket23 is a great option. However, there are some cons. If you’re traveling to Cuba without a car, you can’t purchase many goods, such as bottled water.

Supermarket 23 carries hundreds of hygiene and beauty products. The supermarket uses specialized distributors so you’ll get your products at their best. You can even place an order for expedited delivery. As long as you order a certain amount in advance, you’ll be able to receive your order the following day. There are some restrictions on the services you can purchase online, so make sure to read the fine print. And don’t forget to register for a free account to enjoy your Supermarket 23 discount.

The website accepts VISA and MasterCard to make your online purchase. Its supervision team analyzes all transactions to make sure they are genuine. Besides, Supermarket23 ships orders directly to the country. Depending on where you live, Supermarket23 may be your only option when it comes to purchasing food in Cuba. It is also a good option if you want to buy products that are not available in local stores. There are many advantages to shopping online – the products are shipped directly to your door!

Supermarket 23 is registered in Miami, which makes it easy for foreigners to buy food in Cuba. The company promises to deliver the food within three to five days, and other countries can expect the delivery within ten to twenty-one days. A number of cubanos have complained to the government about the lack of quality products and low service. You can’t blame them for trying! If you are wondering how to make your grocery shopping in Cuba easier, check out Supermarket23 today. You’ll be glad you did.

A great way to support the local economy and eat healthy is to buy local produce. You can even support a local organization by purchasing organic products from this store. Many other businesses in Cuba have taken advantage of Supermarket23 as a way to expand their reach. A four-pound package of Alcona beef costs US$33, while a 4-pound package of Empresa Pecuaria Genetica Turiguano beef costs about US$28. Despite its newfound popularity, supermarket23 has also become a platform for private businesses and other state-owned companies.

The management team behind Supermarket23 is also made up of people with close ties to the Cuban government. Treew officers have a history of dealing with Cuban products and have a stake in the company. All of the employees at this store are Cubans, and some are linked to the government. One of its managers is Luis Mazorra, the son of a diplomat named Gustavo Mazorra. Another vice president is Loreta Garcia Sardina.

You can also purchase medicines online from the Internet. Dominio Cubano has a guide to buying medicines in Cuba, as well as lists of international and local pharmacies. The website also offers restaurant and excursion reservations. It is the perfect place to purchase all your daily needs. If you’re looking for a gift or a souvenir, you can make a great choice from a variety of stores in Cuba. This place won’t let you down, and you will definitely find something you love!

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