OKVIP – Asia’s Leading Online Entertainment Brand

OKVIP is a brand specializing in providing online entertainment products through betting activities. It can be said that this group is ranked in the top 1 in the Asian market when it owns many famous online bookmakers such as: 789BET, NEW88, SHBET, HI88, F8BET, JUN88,… To learn more about this organization, please refer to the following article.

Important information about OKVIP that players should know

Maybe many bettors have experienced the services of the bookmakers mentioned above, but not everyone knows they belong to this group. Not to mention the brand of the organization has also just been changed in May 2023.

Previously, Taipei101 was the name that was officially used since its debut in 2006. But in recent years, the customer category and business strategy have changed, so ok vip new to the market.

Vision, mission and core values ​​of the corporation

Any organization or business needs to have 3 elements of vision, mission and core values. Just missing one, success will never come and all business activities become meaningless. The following is the most accurate information about Asia’s leading online betting entertainment group that everyone needs to know.

Asia’s leading entertainment group Taipei101

What is OKVIP’s long-term vision?

After changing the positioning of target customers and changing the brand name, the vision of the organization also had a certain transformation. Specifically, the group wants to become the leading online entertainment service provider in the market within 5 years from the present time.

What is the mission and responsibilities of the corporation?

Although there are still certain limitationsBut The group has always determined its mission is to bring prestigious entertainment playgrounds to customers. It is for this reason that OK VIP constantly making efforts, improving and innovating products and services. The main purpose is still to satisfy the majority of the needs of players in Asia in general and the world in particular.

What are the core values ​​of the corporation?

Despite changing the brand, the 5 factors that make the organization successful remain the same as follows:

  • Quality:LWe always bring entertainment products with quality standards such as okvip card game, okvip lottery, okvip football, okvip casino, khuyến mãi okvip, … thereby meeting the needs of all customers using the service
  • Prestige: The organization always upholds the prestige of its brand in the field of online entertainment business. Always prioritize payment and pay bets as quickly as possible for players.
  • Customers: Value customers, place them as an important factor for the corporation’s business. Always ready to listen, understand and be enthusiastic when serving players participating in the experienceOKVIP.
  • Innovation: Always be proactive in catching up with technology trends to build a stronger online entertainment industry. Not afraid to experiment and innovate to develop the latest services to offer to customers.
  • Social responsibility: Although the business group is to make a profit, it also does not forget to contribute value to the development of society. OKVIP regularly organizes charity events, invests in infrastructure construction, and educates for disadvantaged places. Especially the commitment to business ethics rules set forth by the state.

Vision, mission and core values ​​of the organizationOKVIP 

History of development and achievements of the corporation

As you all know, the original organization called Taipei101 appeared on the market in 2006. At that time, the company only moved to provide online technology, sell patches and game code online. Until 2013, Hana Dannie – CEO of OKVIP now acquired and developed in a completely different strategic direction.

When still carrying the name Taipei101, the group had to manage capital and self-advocacy for a long time. However, after positioning the brand differently, the company was equitized and operated more in foreign markets. Specifically in some countries such as Germany, Thailand, China, USA, Singapore, …

Till now, OKVIP has achieved many titles and achievements that hardly any other organization can do. As follows:

  • As a supplier of quality games in 2021 (the time still kept the name Taipei101).
  • As a provider of online entertainment games for users in 2023 awarded by Asia Games Awards.
  • As the best online service provider voted by players in Gamescom magazine.

Some outstanding achievements since using the name Taipei101

In addition to the above titles OKVIP also achieved many other small achievements. According to experts, this group will develop even more strongly in the future because this is the age of technology. If you have never experienced the service, choose any 1 bookie under the management of the company to get a better feel today.

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