Three Ways to Free Your Home of Bats in Alexandria

Bats are important to the environment; however, they are not welcome in your house. To keep these wild animals away from your house, secure your house properly to get rid of potential openings. You can also seek help from an Alexandria Bat Removal expert to help you handle a current infestation and prevent future ones. 

To bat-proof your house, you must use effective prevention methods to protect your house and minimize the chances of bats getting inside the attic or wall cavities. As with other wild animals, bats can squeeze through tiny openings because of their flexible bodies. Thus, you want to seal the smallest gaps to prevent entry. The following are effective techniques for bat-proofing your home:

Find Possible Entry Points

To seal possible entries, you need to find them first. Again, bats can easily squeeze through small entry points. Finding these small openings, particularly in high locations, can be difficult for you. So, you should find other clues. You should look for urine or droppings around openings. Common bat entrances include old porches, missing roofing materials, gapping along chimneys, and broken windows. 

Use Weatherstripping

As you learn to remove bats from your home, you may also learn that they may enter your home through gaps along windows and doors. In fact, they can crawl underneath the doorway when there’s enough space. Due to the persistence of bats, you must get rid of all gaps around doorways. To defend your home against bats, apply weatherstripping, which is available in different materials such as aluminum, hard rubber, fine wire, and natural fibers. 

Fill Cracks and Gaps

Filling cracks and gaps around your home will prevent bats and other unwanted guests from entering. Caulking and standard sealants are great options. Just make sure you pick a material for external use to make sure the product won’t dry out and or crack or shrink quickly when exposed to natural elements. But before you seal off your house, have your home inspected for bats first. You want to make sure no bats are nesting in your house. Trapping bats inside can result in starvation and death. 

State law requires bat removal to be done at a certain time of the year. In Maryland, this is after August 31; however, before bats start hibernation. Also, the state only allows non-lethal exclusion methods for nuisance bat colonies. Not following the law can lead to penalties and fines. You should discuss bat removal and prevention with experts as they know the laws that apply to this. Also, they can inspect your house to know if bats are nesting in your house. 

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